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If you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Ohio, it is imperative that your Columbus defense attorney is a trial lawyer with extensive experience in defending crimes related to controlled substances. Your case has unique circumstances. The facts of your case should be reviewed by an attorney immediately. Your first actions must be analyzed. The errors of the police must be documented. Whether you have been charged with trafficking, distribution, cultivation and/or manufacturing, you have many strong defenses which Weisbuch Law will help you identify.

In Ohio, the penalties under drug crimes are generally described by O.R.C. 2925. Possession of marijuana in small amounts (less than 100 grams) is a misdemeanor. You will face a fine of $150. Other consequences might include loss of your driver’s license and the inability to get student loans. Penalties and fines increase as the amount of marijuana increases. Drugs such as methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, PCP and illegally obtained prescription drugs can be punished severely including up to a fine of $2,500 and prison sentence up to 12 months for a fifth-degree felony. A first degree felony can result in a fine as high as $20,000 and 11 years in prison.

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The defense to the charges against you are very fact specific. Here are some of the many different types of defense that are used to challenge drug charges:

  • You did not have clear possession or control over the drugs.
  • You had a legal prescription for the drugs.
  • You committed a lesser offense, such as possession for personal use as opposed to possession with intent to sell.
  • You were obtained through illegal search and seizure by law enforcement (indicating a violation of your Constitutional rights).
  • Law enforcement officers used entrapment to make the arrest. This means that you were unfairly lured by the officer into committing a crime that he or she would have otherwise been very unlikely to commit.

To help you understand why you need to contact an attorney immediately in you are charged with a drug crime, you can review these cases:

- State v. Jones, 143 Ohio St. 3d 266 (2015)

- State v. Johnson, 141 Ohio St. 3d 136 (2014)

- State v. Barry, 2015-Ohio-5449 (2015)

If you are charged with a drug crime, Weisbuch Law can effectively defend you through a combination of defenses. We have earned the reputation of thoughtful and aggressive defense of our clients. At Weisbuch Law, we are proud of our 15+ years of criminal justice experience and our ability to defend you against the heavy hand of government. Call now at 614-285-5291 to protect yourself against drug charges!

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